There are far more telephones running Google’s Android mobile operating program than another mobile OS. In reality, as many as 80% of the whole world’s smart cell phones are working Android.

However, the Android eco system is sloppy. Because producers are liberated to change Android as they see fit, we get loads of apparatuses with a vast array of distended attributes and unneeded add ons to the user-interface. A lot of telephone numbers do not get the most recent software updates from Google both.

Google, which is on a roll recently making some fantastic hardware, likes to produce an unique take on Android one time a year having a brand new mobile in its Nexus line of apparatuses. This season’s telephone number is known as the Nexus 5, which enjoy this past year’s Nexus 4 was produced in collaboration with LG.

The Nexus 5 runs the most recent variation of Android called KitKat and has an almost 5-inch monitor. (Yes, just like the candy-bar.) It merely costs $349 for the 16-GB unlocked version, which is a remarkable deal. To place this in view, Apple’s unlocked 16-GB iPhone 5S prices about $300 more in relation to the Nexus 5.

The Nexus 5 works on T Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and a couple other smaller providers in the event that you play your sim-card. Verizon clients like me are really out of chance.

The truly amazing thing about Google’s Nexus telephones is you are guaranteed to at all times find the best Android has to give. While other makers like Samsung and High Tech Computer Corporation regularly take months to push-out new Android attributes, Google’s own Nexus mobiles get all these goodies once they are accessible. It Is only the most effective Android encounter you may get. And also the Google Nexus 5 is the most effective mobile Google has launched yet.

The Device

The Nexus 5 is not as wonderful as competitors just like the HTC One or iPhone 5S. Actually, it is somewhat unassuming seeing, a simple rectangle with round corners covered in cozy, rubbery black or white-plastic. You will not change heads or make any daring statements transporting round the Nexus 5.

Nevertheless, it is the bowels that issue. Should you are a specs geek, the Nexus 5 is a desire using its 2.3 GHz quad core processor, 2 Gig of RAM, plus among the greatest displays I Have ever applied to a smart mobile phone. Like its main G2 smartphone, LG set next to no bezel throughout the Nexus 5′s screen, so that it feels as though your programs and content are floating in your hand. And also although the display is virtually a complete inch bigger than the one on the I-phone 5S, the physique is nevertheless manageable and little enough for just one-handed use.

My only gripe together with the Nexus 5 components, despite its ho hum layout, is the cam. Picture quality does not even come near from what you get & most other leading S, Nokia Lumia 1020, together with the I-phone 5 smartphones Section with this is a result of the slow camera applications to the Nexus 5. That may hopefully get fixed using a future upgrade. But picture quality was still rather lousy, specially when snapping pictures inside. Those pictures regularly came out darkish and grainy. I Am not saying the picture quality is a deal-breaker — the pictures quality is simply good enough to enable you to get by — but you should not make the Nexus 5 your first-choice if shooting wonderful pictures along with your telephone number is super important for you.

The New KitKat Android Release

Google’s new KitKat variation of Android is virtually identical to this past year’s release, that has been called Jelly-Bean. Cosmetically, perhaps not much has transformed save for a number of small layout tweaks to programs. Google additionally replaced the routine texting program with Hang-Outs, a program that enables you to send texts plus talk to buddies over Google (or “GChat” as a few folks call it).

Google Now, Google’s voice-run helper that is much like Apple’s Siri, has a larger existence also. At this point you get it by swiping to the display left of your main monitor, which is a lot more useful than swiping upwards in the underside of the display just like you used to need to do.

Google Now’s voice-control is a little smarter also. You are able to activate it only by saying the essential expression “Oklahoma, Google,” which kicks you to the search quality of the program. From that point you are able to request Google for something from sports scores to instructions for your next assembly. The voice activation functions almost totally, but I discovered it mostly useless. It arguably requires more hours to express “okay, Google” than it does to simply harness the omni-present Google research bar at the very top of your display.

Apart from that, a lot of the other developments in KitKat are underneath the hood. The OS is made to work with apparatuses that have poorer hardware specs, which will assist Google develop even more smart-phone market share in underdeveloped nations where consumers would rather purchase dirt cheap apparatuses.


Google’s Nexus telephones have consistently had the greatest Android encounter, however they never look to reach the mainstream the manner the iPhone,’s Galaxy mobiles, and Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phones do. Section of that could be due to insufficient insurance company partnerships. (Again, this can be a large bummer for Verizon clients who prefer the very best Android encounter they’re able to get.) Section of that may be because its Nexus telephones are just seen by Google as demonstrations of what Android is actually capable of, only if other makers like would slow-down and hear.

If you prefer to guarantee you also possess the most effective Google must offer with Android Either way, the Nexus 5 is the ideal apparatus. It may not be much to consider, but it is the most effective apparatus you may possess in case you care regarding the knowledge as well as Google ecosystem above other things.