A computer small sufficient to contain in one hand and activate with the other. Also known a hand top these ultra-small computers might have specific keyboards or keypads for data entry applications or have small QWERTY keyboards. A palmtop computer is a very small computer which you can contain in one dispenses and operates with the other. Other names for palmtops are hand held computers, pocket computers and Path major qualities of these computers are that they are small, light, draw power from a battery and are intended for general usage.

The palmtop has a word computer, a spreadsheet program, a calendar plus a phone book.
An important feature is that it’s in service system is well-matched with that of a PC.Lately a union was well-known between a Rochester software-development business and a California provider of wireless hardware. Its reason was to deliver the first wireless LAN connection between palmtops and data base of corporate systems. Unlike before, when they had to write their plans on paper, militants today build use of palmtops where they store the piece of information about their operations, locations and other significant details. As they admit, they keep a great amount of data in these small computers.

As researches among students have shown, one of the greatest benefits of palmtops is the built-in Database program. It is used to store piece of information about dissimilar projects and everyday tasks as well. The data are simply originated in it and not at all get lost. Nearly all PDA devices are not operational with a keyboard as palmtop computer. As a choice, they used pen based and depend on special hardware that are familiar with handwritten inputs. After tapping selections on menus you can depict printed characters to write piece of information. A number of Palmtop computer can also integrate an on-screen keyboard used for better accessibility.