formally unveiled its new main smartphone, the Galaxy S5, in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today.

There is a great deal to unpack here, therefore let us breakdown the main attributes before performing a deeper plunge:

The Galaxy S5 runs the latest edition of Android known as Kit Kat, has a 5.1-inch monitor (that is somewhat bigger than last-year’s 5-inch design), and comes in 4 colours: black, white, golden, and blue.
The back camera flash has an integrated heart price monitor. You put your finger on it for just a few seconds and you’ll be able to see your pulsation through’s fitness tracking program S Wellness, which comes pre-installed in the telephone.
The cam shoots 16 megapixel pictures along with the camera program comes with a whole package of capturing modes, also many to list here. 1 extremely cool function: the cam can concentrate on an item in only 0.3 seconds, that’ll lessen the possibilities of blurry pictures when shooting pictures of moving things. maintains it is equally as quick as a high end DSLR digicam.
There Is a fingerprint detector in the house button which you can utilize to unlock the telephone with no passcode. additionally partnered with so that you can employ your finger print to make risk-free payments out of your telephone.
The telephone number consists of plastic, but features a rubbery, dimpled again cover. Still, it feels as though a higher quality apparatus in the hand than its forerunner.
The application program got a pleasant overhaul also. redesigned its personalized user interface for Android having a newer, more level layout favored by Apple and Microsoft within their cellular apparatuses.
It Is water-resistant, which means that it’s possible to submerge it for just a few minutes with out damaging something.
The Galaxy S5 is outfitted to pair with a few new wearable apparatuses Samsung pronounced this week, the Tools 2 and Tools 2 Neo intelligent watches and also the Tools Fit, an alluring fitness tracker having a curved touchscreen that may compete with well-known gadgets such as the FitBit and Nike FuelBand.
Unlike this past year’s Galaxy S4, which looked to cram in more characteristics than anybody could use (like eye-tracking and touch-less gestures), took a more careful strategy with all the Galaxy S5, emphasizing characteristics that users care regarding the most like battery life and camera quality.

It Is likely a good move also. Critics panned the Galaxy S4 to be overly complicated for many users, plus it appears like heard them loud and sharp. We invested a limited period together with the Galaxy S5 this week preceding to’s official unveiling, and on first blush located the telephone number to be pleasant upgrade, even though we are maybe not mad concerning the unusual-seeing dimpled again cover.

The sole gimmicky-sounding characteristic here is apparently the heart rate monitor, which does not make much sense on a smart mobile phone, particularly considering that the Tools watches and Tools Fit can track your pulse without heading through the endeavor of starting the program and putting your finger on a scanner.

The Galaxy S5 will start in the United States in April, but pricing and exact availability will soon be up to the mobile operators.